Price: €150 per diptych, €500 for a full set (shipping excluded) 
A3 size (420x297 mm per print) 
These prints are only sold per diptych, only if you already own a set or diptych I'll sell -thing, -one, -time or -where as an add-on.
Screenprinted in an edition of 10 complete sets (-thing series)
All prints are embossed, signed and numbered.
For orders, send an email or fill out the contact form.
About the paper
Hand pulled screenprints on high quality, long-life recycled paper, with 55% pure environmentally friendly certified FSC® fibres, 40% recycled fibres in compliance with Directive FSC-DIR-40-004 EN, and 5% cotton fibres. Acid and chlorine free. 
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